Michael Nir

Michael Nir Keynote Speaker

Lean Agile Inspiration Expert, Best Selling Author and
Keynote Speaker:
The Agile PMO and Silent Influencing;

Michael Nir

A master at both technology and emotional

With a degree in Engineering and a training in
Gestalt, Michael brings passion, creativity and
innovation to his audience, inspiring people and
teams to change, experientially and emotionally,
while climbing the hill AND reaching the summit.

Kudos Keynote Speaker – Michael Nir is an electrifying public speaker. His passion for the subject is infectious. In just 20 minutes, forum attendees gained a fresh perspective on the importance of influencing the stakeholders and were given useful tips on stakeholder management. His presentation was enriched with illuminating story, valuable statistics, surprising paradoxes and a refreshing dose of good humor. ~Kristina Krasinke, DXC, PMI Lithuania, Vice President

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